Human Rights

Environment, Society & Company managements:

To maintain and safeguard employees’ fundamental human rights, Min Hsiang recognizes and supports the 'UN Declaration of Human Rights' and the ILO conventions. Furthermore, we follow the labor law and regulations in the locations where we run our businesses and safeguard the rights of all employees, including contract employees and interns. These actions show that we are committed to respecting and protecting human rights.
we treat all employees and job applicants equally
We treat all employees and job applicants equally. We do not differentiate people on the grounds of race, class, language, ideology, religion, political party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, physical or mental disabilities, zodiac sign, blood type or other forms of discrimination. This principle of equality applies to all employment conditions, including hiring, remuneration and benefits, training opportunities, promotion, job levels, or retirement benefits.
prohibit child labor, human trafficking, and forced labor

We prohibit child labor, human trafficking, and forced labor

We oppose slavery and in no way are involved in the illegal trafficking of human beings. In Min Hsiang’s business, we are committed to creating a diverse, open, equal, and free-from-harassment work environment and do not tolerate any violation of human rights.
labor laws and regulations

Labor laws and regulations

We provide wage and remuneration following labor laws and regulations, including minimum wage, overtime pay, and legally mandated benefits.
gender equality and respect

Gender equality and respect

We do not tolerate unlawful infringement in the workplace and prohibit inhumane acts such as harassment, assault, abuse, corporal punishment, verbal insult, psychological oppression, and threats.
happy work

Happy work

We support and assist employees in maintaining physical and mental health and work-life balance.
employee assembly and association

Employee assembly and association

We respect the rights and freedom of employee assembly and association. Furthermore, we provide employees with various communication mechanisms and platforms (for example, an employee voice box and labor-management committee) to ensure harmonious and win-win labor-management relations.