About Us

Environment, Society & Company management:

Min Hsiang highly values environmental protection and the social responsibility of company management (ESG). Apart from a scheme of environment protection production, taking care of our employees and communities is also part of our job.
labor code of conduct

Labor Code of Conduct

  • We respect human rights and do not tolerate any discrimination.
  • We respect employees. In no circumstances should employees be forced and humiliated.
  • We should provide a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds occupational safety and health standards.
  • We follow regulations of wages, including minimum wages, overtime pay, and any mandated benefits. In addition, working hours should conform to local laws.
business ethics

Business Ethics

Min Hsiang promises to conform to regulative requirements.

We uphold the principles of integrity in business and ask all employees to remain honest. We have worked hard throughout our company history to maintain this integrity in relationships with all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, business partners, and customers.

Environment Friendly

  • We provide staff with a healthy working environment, including clean water and equipment conforming to safety standards.
  • We strive to minimize waste and recycle materials for internal business functions, productions, and marketing & services.
  • We consider environmental protection one of our company's tasks and are committed to building a green environment.
environment friendly

Green energy and Recycling policy

Making the world a greener place is a goal we strive for in our daily work, design, and production. Therefore, we have a new rooftop solar electric system from April 2023 that will increase our green energy use.

Min Hsiang also implements waste classification and improves recycling rates. For non-recycling waste, we contract with a certified company to dispose of non-recyclable waste.

green energy and recycling policy

Participate in charity activities

Min Hsiang is passionate about sponsoring local community events and providing charitable donations. For example, we provide financial support for the mobile medical team of the Chi Mei Hospital in Liouying, Taiwan.

Min Hsiang also cooperates with local universities in Taiwan to support student design projects and competitions.

participate in charity activities

Employee Benefits

We value employees’ contributions and offer various benefits to retain talents.

Besides the financial benefits such as birthday and traditional festival bonuses, cash gifts for weddings and newborns, and solatium for injury and illness, we provide employees with health benefits, such as insurance and an annual health check, and monetary support for vacations and training courses.

Min Hsiang also offers scholarships for employees' family members twice yearly. Any employee working at Min Hsiang for over three months can apply for this scholarship if their kids at high school, college, and university achieve good grades.